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On linkedin I post regularly about topics like stress, mindfulness, resilience, and more. Here you find a selection of these thoughts, impulses, and inspiration.

Recently, my podcast „Stressgeschichten“ has also gone live. In it, I share brief insights every Monday for effective and sustainable stress management (unfortunately only in german language so far). Here‘s the link to the podcast:


Even though so far you thought you are a hopeless case - in fact, it is not hopeless at all! First of all, you surely have already activated a couple of #resources:

Stress is a highly individual phenomenon - what one person perceives as highly stressful situation may have no impact at all on another person. Why is that? Because how we perceive a situation or a trigger consists ...

Under stress we tend to feel trapped, helpless, and out of control. Our life seems to be ruled by overloaded schedules, too long to-do lists and the constant pressure to deliver high performance. To cope with this we often develop...

Related to the human state of mind, stress is defined as „a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.“ or „something that causes strong feelings of worry or anxiety“ (source: Stress is a natural part of life that happens to us in certain situations - like too much workload or responsibility, emotional issues, loss of job, divorce, death of a loved one or other traumatic events. There are many things that can cause stress and every individual responds differently to certain situations and triggers.

Are you in an intensive period of high performance, pressure, or concentration? Then you should remember to manage not only your stress load but also to plan your physical and mental recovery! Effective recovery… ✅ is crucial to regain energy and inner balance...

In a couple of days I will be 50. Not that the number means a lot to me – but still being half a century old is a good occasion for some reflection. I realized a couple of things I would like to share: – Over the past decades I went through tough

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