What you should know about effective stress recovery

Are you in an intensive period of high performance, pressure, or concentration? Then you should remember to manage not only your stress load but also to plan your physical and mental recovery!

Effective recovery…

✅ is crucial to regain energy and inner balance.

✅ enables you to continuously achieve and sustain high performance.

✅ is key to your mental and physical health.

✅ is important to keep up your spirit, mood, and good relationships with others.

⚡️The paradox is: The more stressed we are the less likely we are to take action to recover. We do not have breaks. We eat less healthy. We drink more alcohol. We have less rest and so on.

Knowing how and when you can best recover from stress requires both knowledge (what works for you) and practice (actually doing it).

I would like to give you a few ideas for your individual effective recovery:

🎯 Disconnect mentally from work: Dedicate a fixed timeframe every day when you can fully concentrate on a non-work related activity. Start with a few minutes. Practice mindfulness. Train your brain to focus on the very moment. Concentrate on whatever feels good. If you find triggers that prevent you from detaching from work (e.g. the presence of your mobile or laptop), eliminate them.

🎯 Do micro breaks during the day: Mental focus, clarity, and energy phases last 90-120 minutes, afterwards you should take a break – set your phone to remind you. Stretch, walk around, drink water. When planning your breaks mind your individual rhythm of energy and productivity highs and lows during the day.

🎯 Don`t put yourself under pressure thinking you have to do a certain type of recovery just because everybody else does it. Not everything is relevant for everybody. Listen to your intuition! Maybe try something you have never done before?

🎯 In general, research shows that more active activities are more effective for recovery than “lazy” ones, e.g. a walk in the park is more effective than playing video games.

Need more inspiration or support to establish your individual recovery routine? Happy to get in touch!

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