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The goals of stress coaching

You surely know the story about the caveman and the saber-toothed tiger and why stress reactions have once secured our survival.

Fact is: Nowadays the stress reaction „fight/flight/freeze“ is still anchored in our autonomic nervous system, however it is in general not necessary to survive any more.

We no longer deal with saber-toothed tigers but with overfilled schedules and to do lists, permanent availability, claims to perform, expectations, fears and many other things that set us in a state of constant tension. However, being tense all the time and not being able to regenerate harms us significantly.

Possible consequences are: Sleep disorders, inner unrest, irritation, lack of concentration, heart and circulatory problems, tinnitus up to self-doubt, questions of purpose, addictive behavior, depression, heart attack – this being only a small excerpt from the long list of possible symptoms.

In order to avoid such effects we need to relearn and improve how we deal with today’s stress factors.

Hence, my coachings are all about

Stress belongs to our life and has positive sides, too: It provides the necessary energy to reach our targets and motivates us. It is therefore NOT the aim to ban stress completely from our lives but to find a healthy and constructive way to deal with our stressors.

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