»You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!«

Jon Kabat-Zinn

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We are forever forced to be quicker and to become more efficient. Continuously increasing pressure to perform and to be successful causes us to become overexerted. There is a never ending flood of unavoidable information and news. This and many other factors bring us out of balance, we are constantly under pressure and cannot switch off.

Often we do not even realize when the lack of balance between tension and relaxation has already become chronic and we just function – I know this from my own experience. In the long run such a state has extensive and tedious effects on physical and mental health. Through my offer for stress coaching and burnout prevention I would like to contribute to take countermeasures in good time and avoid such consequences.

What makes the coaching with me special: I know what I am talking about – as a leader in the automotive industry I have experienced it myself over many years: The constant excess of topics, demands and expectations. The feeling of emptiness, being burned out and panic. The continuous decrease of physical and mental capability until at some point I simply stopped functioning.

Does that sound familiar to you? Similar to what your life looks like right now? If so, I am happy to help you to bring it back „inbalance“ and sustainably keep it there with a customized coaching concept.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more (free of charge).



Christiane Foerster

What it’s all about

You surely know the story about the caveman and the saber-toothed tiger and why stress reactions have once secured our survival.

Fact is: Nowadays the stress reaction „fight/flight/freeze“ is still anchored in our autonomic nervous system, however it is in general not necessary to survive any more.

The coaching process

Starting point is your status quo: Which situations stress you in a negative way? What are your stressors? We clarify what your vision of an optimal solution is and how I can support you to reach it.

In the following sessions potential topics could be…

Are you curious whether coaching is something for you?

Feel free to find out!


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