Want to take control of your stress? Start today with these steps!

Under stress we tend to feel trapped, helpless, and out of control. Our life seems to be ruled by overloaded schedules, too long to-do lists and the constant pressure to deliver high performance. To cope with this we often develop unhealthy habits like overeating, gaming or too much alcohol. 

Here are a couple of tips to manage your stress and replace unhealthy habits:

👉 Physical activity: To deal with stress effectively you need to feel strong both mentally and physically. Physical activity gets you in the right state of mind to be able to identify your stress triggers and find a solution. 

👉 Take control: Remaining passive in a stressful situation will increase the feeling of being trapped and helpless. Take a couple of active decisions (e.g. how often you exercise, how you treat yourself, what you eat…) to regain the sense of power and control. 

👉 Communicate: Talking to colleagues, friends, and family about your stress will ease your troubles and help you see things in different ways. 

👉 Avoid unhealthy habits: They will not solve your problems even though they might provide temporary relief. Instead, they may create new problems.

👉 Be positive: Under stress our brain is conditioned to focus on the negative things. Appreciate what you have and make conscious efforts to „find the gold coin in the shit“!

👉 Acceptance: Changing a difficult situation is not always impossible – but some things in life you simply cannot change. Therefore focus your energy on accepting them and learn to concentrate on what you can control. 

👉 Sleep: Lack of sleep is a significant (additional) cause of stress. Under stress you have trouble falling asleep and your sleep is interrupted by thoughts going through your head. Instead of relying on medication implement certain evening / sleep routines to maximize your relaxation before going to sleep. 

👉 Try relaxation techniques: There is a multitude of different techniques from meditation to progressive muscle relaxation that will help you to calm down and loosen tight muscles. 

👉 Manage your time: It is important to accept that we cannot do everything at once. Arranging, ordering and prioritizing tasks will help to make your to-do`s more manageable. 

👉 Learn to say no: Learning to say no to additional or unimportant requests will help to reduce your level of stress and at the same time develop your self-confidence!

Let me guess what you are thinking now: Tell me something new! I know all this but it just doesn`s work for me! 
Correct – all the measures listed are well known in theory but we usually lack the discipline to implement them. Be sure: Also YOU will be able to make at least some of the points parts of your daily routine 👍

In my next post you will learn about the transition „from knowing to doing“ (vom Kennen zum Können) – stay tuned 😌

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