Reflection time

In a couple of days I will be 50. Not that the number means a lot to me – but still being half a century old is a good occasion for some reflection.

I realized a couple of things I would like to share:

– Over the past decades I went through tough times both personally and professionally. Experiencing all this hardship has shaped me and made me the person I am today. Now I feel ready to be free and independent of other‘s judgements.

– I found personal fulfillment when I least expected it – in times of severe crisis. This is how I understood that in the hardest times we develop the most inner strength.

– I no longer live my life waiting and longing for something (weekend, vacation, retirement…). I enjoy the here and now, I am happy and grateful.

– I cannot change other people if I believe that their thinking or the way they act is not right, whatever that means. All I need and want to do is to change my attitude towards the facts / the reality and accept others as they are.

– I am not responsible for everything.

Understanding and accepting all this has taken a lot of pressure from me and given me an intense feeling of inner peace. Life is a great journey – looking forward to the next chapter!

#lifeisgood #dowhatyoulikelikewhatyoudo #reflection #freedom#fulfillment #personalinsights

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