Even YOU will manage to implement routines to manage your stress!

Even though so far you thought you are a hopeless case – in fact, it is not hopeless at all!

First of all, you surely have already activated a couple of #resources:

👍 You are aware that you do not have a “knowlege problem” but rather an “implementation problem” – there seems to be a lack of discipline

👍 You are determined to get “from knowing to doing” as fast as possible – you just do not know how

👍 You have already tried several times to implement certain routines and you succeeded from time to time

That is a great basis to start from! However, I assume that in your efforts you have been missing one important step so far:

#Reflection! Reflection is super important to initiate further improvement. If you do not reflect you will constantly take the place and not develop further!

#Growth happens in a model that is similar to a staircase:

💡Know the theory – test it – reflect it – grow!

In other words:

Step 1: Chose one thing that you could do in order to reduce your stress, e.g. do sports twice a week in order to regain physical strength.

Step 2: Define a date and time to test it. E.g. Monday and Thursday during lunch break you will go for a 30 minute run.

Step 3: Reflect afterwards – did it work? If so, why? If not, why? How did you feel? If it did not work maybe the reason was that you were under time constraints, you did not feel well or whatever. Just make yourself aware of the reasons – no pressure!

Step 4: Define the next test: How could you adapt test no. 1 to increase the chance to make it work? E.g. block the time in your calendar to ensure that no one will interfere with additional meeting requests.

Step 5: Test it!

Step 6: See steps 3 and 4 – repeat until you have found a setting that works for you.

Step 7: Scale and repeat

Step 8: Extend the scope to more routines that will help you to manage your stress and repeat steps 1-7


– Do not put pressure on you – you are in a test phase, so please see it as such! If you do not succeed once don`t put yourself down. You will succeed again next time!

– Make sure to perform the super important reflection step – #stresscoachingcan help you to do this in a structured way!

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