What are your stress tales?

Stress is a highly individual phenomenon – what one person perceives as a highly stressful situation may have no impact at all on another person. 
Why is that? Because how we perceive a situation or a trigger consists only 10% of the facts and 90% of how we evaluate the facts. 

We all have our individual „stress tales“ that we tell ourselves, consciously or unconsciously:

Do you want everything to be perfect and good is never good enough?

Do you believe that tasks will be done in the right way only if you do them yourself?

Do you neglect your own needs because you want to be liked by everyone and give no offense?

Are you driven by the urge to be ever more efficient?

Do you constantly doubt yourself / your skills / your abilities and you play down every success or achievement?

Do you try to avoid every potential risk or danger to protect yourself?

You would never admit that you need help because you do not want to depend on anyone?

Or a little bit of everything?

Be sure that one or more of these stress tales exist also within you, even if you do not know it yet. And all of them shape your individual reality and your stress level. 

Stress coaching helps you to 

– identify the parts of your stress tales in a structured way

– question the different parts: Why is one part so present for you? Which experiences have made this a part of your identity? What are advantages and disadvantages?

– learn new and more beneficial ways to deal with your stress tales

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