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»You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!«Jon Kabat-Zinn
Foto: Christiane Foerster

Welcome to inbalancecoach – Expert for stress management and burnout prevention!

We are forever forced to be quicker and to become more efficient. Continuously increasing pressure to perform and to be successful causes us to become overexerted. There is a never ending flood of unavoidable information and news. This and many other factors bring us out of balance, we are constantly under pressure and cannot switch off.

Often we do not even realize when the lack of balance between tension and relaxation has already become chronic and we just function – I know this from my own experience. In the long run such a state has extensive and tedious effects on physical and mental health. Through my offer for stress coaching and burnout prevention I would like to contribute to take countermeasures in good time and avoid such consequences.

What makes the coaching with me special: I know what I am talking about – as a leader in the automotive industry I have experienced it myself over many years. The constant „too much“ of topics, demands and expectations. The feeling of emptiness, being burned out and panic. The continuous decrease of physical and mental capability until at some point nothing works anymore.

Does that sound familiar to you? Similar to what your life looks like right now? If so, I am happy to help you to bring it back „inbalance“ and sustainably keep it there with a customized coaching concept.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more (free of charge).

Yours Christiane Foerster

About me

My name is Christiane Foerster and I was born in 1972. I live in the countryside, on the edge of Nürtingen, with my husband, two Romanian street dogs and a three legged cat. Prior to becoming a coach I worked in the automotive industry for almost 30 years, thereof 20 years in leadership positions in Germany and abroad.

During this time I encountered many colleagues and employees in stress and crisis situations who I was able to coach or support in my role as mentor or sparring partner.

I am a very empathetic person, good at listening, pragmatic with a sense of humour and a good portion of common sense. These are all essential attributes required to be a good manager and also to be a good coach.

In that sense I have been considering for quite a while to utilize my skills and experiences in order to set up a professional coaching business. Mid 2020 I finally decided to take the plunge after I had realized that my own stress pattern had already affected me substantially.

In the meantime I am an educated psychological advisor and a stress and burnout advisor. Later this year I will finalize my education as stress coach at the renowned Drachenberg Academy.

You can gain a first personal impression of me in the video.

"Im Coaching für mich essenziell: Ein hoher Praxisbezug, Authentizität und Vertrauen. Christiane Foerster hat mich da von Anfang an voll überzeugt."

Joachim H.

"Unser 12-monatiges Mentoring basierte von Anfang an auf einer offenen, vertrauensvollen und sehr angenehmen Atmosphäre. Die gemeinsame Reflexion und Einordnung von Situationen unterstützten mich optimal, mein eigenes Führungsverständnis weiter zu schärfen. Unser Mentoring half mir, eine innere Ruhe zu entwickeln, um gelassen mein Assessment Center zu absolvieren, welches ich erfolgreich bestand."

Katharina F.

"I came across Christiane through the corporate mentoring program in 2016, her profound wisdom, experiences and advices has no doubt accelerated my growth on a personal and professional level. I particularly admire Christiane’s honesty, confidentiality as well as her openness and willingness to listen to what a person is going through and give a seasoned yet fresh perspective to move forward. Some concepts she taught include leadership, feedback and various soft skills aspects which are relevant and timeless."

James E.

"Christiane has a natural empathy, listening carefully and simply understanding others needs. She is insightful and in the same time she brings positivity and passion in her actions.
Christiane always proved to stay cool and collected regardless of the issues faced, keeping the right balance and solving difficult situations. I always feel more confident and empowered having Christiane as a role model for many years."

Andreea C.

What it’s all about

You surely know the story about the caveman and the saber-toothed tiger and why stress reactions have once secured our survival.

Fact is: Nowadays the stress reaction „fight/flight/freeze“ is still anchored in our autonomic nervous system, however it is in general not necessary to survive any more.

We no longer deal with saber-toothed tigers but with overfilled schedules and to do lists, permanent availability, claims to perform, expectations, fears and many other things that set us in a state of constant tension. However, being tense all the time and not being able to regenerate harms us significantly.

Possible consequences are: Sleep disorders, inner unrest, irritation, lack of concentration, heart and circulatory problems, tinnitus up to self-doubt, questions of purpose, addictive behavior, depression, heart attack – this being only a small excerpt from the long list of possible symptoms.

In order to avoid such effects we need to relearn and improve how we deal with today’s stress factors.

Hence, my coachings are all about

  • Identification of individual stressors
  • Optimization of self-awareness
  • Reduction of negative stress
  • Learning coping strategies for stress and individually adapt them to be prepared for future stress situations or to avoid them
  • Conscious usage of stress
  • Managing one’s own attitude towards stress
  • Avoiding drastic consequences of constant stress
  • Establishing a sustainable balance between tension and relaxation

Stress belongs to our life and has positive sides, too: It provides the necessary energy to reach our targets and motivates us. It is therefore NOT the aim to ban stress completely from our lives but to find a healthy and constructive way to deal with our stressors.

The coaching process

Starting point is your status quo: Which situations stress you in a negative way? What are your stressors? We clarify what your vision of an optimal solution is and how I can support you to reach it.

In the following sessions potential topics could be...

  • to assess your values and convictions
  • to become aware of your inner drivers or possible inner conflicts and to dissolve mental blocks.
  • to review your strenghts, skills, success strategies and further ressources and to use them.
  • to work out your individual „stress schedule“ based on these ressources that enables you to deal with stress in a good way in the long run.
  • to take first steps in which I will accompany you.

Generally, the coaching process lasts about 10-12 weeks, starting from weekly sessions à 60-90 minutes that can take place online or in person. In addition you need approx. 10 minutes daily for reflection and exercises.
Should you have immediate need for consultation between the weekly sessions you can leave me a voice message anytime, I will answer in due course.

As coach I am at your disposal to accompany and guide you during your process and initiate change – however, be aware that only you yourself are responsible for the actual change work and that it can only work if you adopt this responsibility!

Happy to support you on this thrilling journey towards more ease, serenity, and inner balance!