»The most difficult time in our life is the best time to develop inner strength.«Dalai Lama
Foto: Christiane Foerster

Welcome to inbalancecoach!

We are forever forced to be quicker and to become more efficient. Continuously increasing pressure to perform and be successful causes us to become overexerted. There is a never ending flood of unavoidable information and news. This and many other factors mean that we are no longer “in balance“, we are constantly under pressure and cannot switch off.

The COViD-19 pandemic causes many people to be exposed to a totally new type of psychological pressure, for example an erratic sense of a danger which cannot be seen but still is inherently present. Or an oppressive perception of losing control and being trapped. Or the unspeakable mourning for a deceased loved one who you were not able to say a proper goodbye to. Or there is an existential fear and fear for the future.

Through my coaching offer I would like to contribute to making you more resilient in order to cope better with the challenges of current times. I am fully aware that in such a situation it is not easy to make the first step and get help. However, it is a very worthwhile and valuable process to leave your comfort zone and embark on the journey to yourself.

My core topics are stress management, crisis resolution, grief counselling and mentoring. Please refer to my website and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment.

Your Christiane Foerster

Get to know me

My name is Christiane Foerster and I was born in 1972. I live in the countryside, on the edge of Nürtingen, with my husband, two Romanian street dogs and a three legged cat. For the past 27 years I worked in the car industry, thereof 20 years in management positions in Germany and abroad.

During this time I encountered many colleagues and employees in stress and crisis situations who I was able to coach or support in my role as mentor or sparring partner.

I am a very empathetic person, am good at listening, pragmatic with a sense of humour and a good portion of common sense. These are all essential attributes required to be a good manager and also to be a good coach.

In that sense I have been considering for quite a while to utilise my skills, experiences and attributes in order to set up a professional coaching business. Mid 2020 I finally decided to take the plunge.

Please see a more detailed introduction in the video.

"Unser 12-monatiges Mentoring basierte von Anfang an auf einer offenen, vertrauensvollen und sehr angenehmen Atmosphäre. Die gemeinsame Reflexion und Einordnung von Situationen unterstützten mich optimal, mein eigenes Führungsverständnis weiter zu schärfen. Unser Mentoring half mir, eine innere Ruhe zu entwickeln, um gelassen mein Assessment Center zu absolvieren, welches ich erfolgreich bestand."

Katharina F.

"I came across Christiane through the corporate mentoring program in 2016, her profound wisdom, experiences and advices has no doubt accelerated my growth on a personal and professional level. I particularly admire Christiane’s honesty, confidentiality as well as her openness and willingness to listen to what a person is going through and give a seasoned yet fresh perspective to move forward. Some concepts she taught include leadership, feedback and various soft skills aspects which are relevant and timeless."

James E.

"Christiane Foerster und ich arbeiteten über zwei Jahre in einem äußerst komplexen Projekt zusammen: Durch ihre analytische und zugleich empathische Art, gepaart mit Weitblick und Sinn für die relevanten Detailfragen, bewältigten wir auch sehr schwierige Projektphasen."

Wolfram B.

"Christiane has a natural empathy, listening carefully and simply understanding others needs. She is insightful and in the same time she brings positivity and passion in her actions.
Christiane always proved to stay cool and collected regardless of the issues faced, keeping the right balance and solving difficult situations. I always feel more confident and empowered having Christiane as a role model for many years."

Andreea C.

Stress Management

Negatively perceived stress can throw you into a vicious circle: we are no longer able to switch off and relax, we lie awake at night mulling things over and we lose more and more energy and motivation. This causes permanent overexertion and ultimately despair, resulting in a loss of joy (of life) and ease.

It is not always easy to admit to reaching your limits, be it due to ambition, pride or wrongly interpreted sense of duty. It requires a large amount of courage to admit this to oneself and to take advantage of help offered, mainly because this shows a supposed weakness. However, this step can also open up a new perspective and help to acknowledge one's own strength.

Together we will look at the situations which cause you stress and we will work out a strategy to cope. Jump into the drivers seat and take on responsibility for yourself and your well-being!

Crisis Resolution

Most people experience crises, phases of acute psychological distress, at some point during their life. A crisis can be caused by some form of loss, separation, uncertain future perspectives or turning points.

In a crisis, the entire structure of life is shattered, feelings of self-doubt, loneliness, panic or despair prevail. You are temporarily no longer in the position to find a solution yourself, a state of powerlessness and chaos reigns. Often strong emotions such as fear and anger can no longer be controlled and are reflected in physical complaints.

Referring to the opening quote, the Dalai Lama has recognized that essentially the small and large crises in life allow us to grow and develop further. I am also deeply convinced of this.

I would be happy to show you ways in which you can gain strength from your crisis and ultimately perceive it as an opportunity.

Grief Counselling

There are many reasons for grief. Basically, most crises are accompanied by phases of intense grief, which may have a paralysing effect. The term “grief counselling”, in most cases, first seems to be associated with “loss”, “dying” and “death”. In addition to pure mourning, people may build up some fear of contact or a certain defensive attitude. They may like to push the topic far away or ignore it.

I view the process of dying and death as integral parts of life and I would like to help resolve anxiety in order to enrich periods of crippling grief by activating positive resources.

It requires courage and strength to confront grief which helps to open up the opportunity to work intensively on this topic and resolve it. It may be helpful to exchange ideas with an outsider or simply “to open your heart”. I am here for you, to listen to you and to encourage you!


Do you feel as if you are stagnating professionally? Or have you just been promoted/changed your job and need an experienced sparring partner to help you to set yourself up in your new role? Do you have a specific goal but you are not sure how you can and should approach it? Do you have a problem but you do not see a way out? Then maybe it is time to look for a mentor!

During my professional career the topic of mentoring has always been present. At the beginning of my career I was a mentee, later I was increasingly asked to act as a mentor and over the years I have successfully supported a large number of colleagues in their development processes.

As part of your mentoring we talk, for example, about your previous career and career aspirations but also about other possible personal areas of development and how you can achieve your goals. My feedback as an outsider – and previous management executive – can help you to compare your image of yourself with that of others. These are just examples, I am happy to adapt to your individual topic!

How I work


My work is essentially based on the approaches of humanistic and systemic therapy methods, e.g. classic conversation therapy, transaction analysis or solution-oriented short-term therapy. Furthermore, elements of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) or cognitive behavior therapy are used.

  • I will listen to you empathetically and objectively, without evaluating or judging.
  • Through targeted questioning techniques, I will offer you space to reflect, to activate your own resources and thus develop your own solution or coping strategies.
  • I will teach you methods suitable for dealing with stress in different situations as well as activate your own problem-solving skills.
  • I will show you ways how you can deal with every strong emotions such as sadness, anger or disappointment and, in the best case, redirect them into positive energy.


In a first conversation we will clarify your issue, the coaching goal and my assignment. After every meeting we will reflect together the progress made related to the defined goals and identify next steps.

The duration of a meeting is approx. one hour. Preferably we will meet in person – with pleasure while walking outside in the nature. However, we can also meet online.

In the sense of short-term therapy the basic goal is a short-term resolution of your issue. Especially regarding grief counselling and mentoring the duration depends on the individual needs of the client.