Topics that concern my coachees and me

On linkedin I post regularly about topics like stress, mindfulness, resilience, and more. Here you find a selection of these thoughts, impulses, and inspiration.

Currently I also write as Executive Contributor for the global online magazin „Brainz“ – click on the badge to see my articles.


Today I had the fourth out of five agreed sessions with a coachee. First question when the session started: Can we extend the coaching? I would like to go deeper on a couple of topics… This happens in 9 out of 10 short-term coachings. Why? Because the coachees realize that there is...

👉Trust: My coachees know that they are in a protected and discrete space and I am 100% here to support and resolve their issues. 👉Individuality: There is no „one size fits all“. Together with my coachees I develop tailormade solution approaches. 👉Reliability: I walk the talk at all times.

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